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Top Ten with Adam Farcus

2095063188_dc5e59aa2c Adam Farcus will be presenting his "Store Interventions" project on Saturday, October 3, at the SAIC  as part of the Accidental Publics symposium. It focuses on temporary public artworks that address an "accidental public" - people, viewers, an audience, or passersby who are not expecting to encounter a work of art. Height:  5'9" Weight:  150 lbs Chest:  36" Eye Color:  green Hair:  brown and short Facial hair: mustache or full beard Adam Farcus is an artist and teacher.  Born and raised in Grundy County, Ilinois; he now lives in Chicago.  Adam received his BFA from Illinois State University and MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago. Turn-on's: ephemerality, sentimentality, romance, SI, French theory, flags, humor, America, Ellsworth Kelly, the internet, sports, flux, Turn-off's: angst, snobby irony, Greenberg, most relational aesthetics, America, money, humidity 1. - good resource for hi-resolution images of art.  works for free with some universities and libraries. 2. - all sport logos (historical and current) for all of your sport logo needs. 3. - huge selection of audio and video artwork (lots of Fluxus stuff), most of which can be downloaded. 4. - ever wondered who decides what flags are good, it's these guys.  also regulations and standards for designing your own flag. 5. - George Noory, aliens, abductions, alternative energy, politics, monsters/creatures, listener-uploaded paranormal photos!  broadcasts in Chicago on 890 AM every night starting at midnight. 6. - blog by artist Steve Roden, who gave me one of my favorite studio visits while in graduate school.  quote from the blog: "things related to sound, visual art, architecture, modernism, music, design, fluxus, 78's, literature, film, ephemera, and much more ...basically a space to share "the collection", much of which serves as inspiration for my work" 7. - tons of the Situationist International writings transcribed in full online.  many in English; + full version of Society of the Spectacle. 8. - Fluxus in the Midwest based in Ohio.  new to me, but looks promising. 9. - really no words can describe what happens.  sometimes this site shows me great and amazing things that enlighten and change my world, sometimes i'm so disgusted and can't go here for a month.  NOT WORK FRIENDLY 10. - google image search for 'entropy' with a filter setting for only teal images.  cookie monster and complex scientific images. Proximity Column End Marker