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Lumpen #122 Comic Issue Release Party

Lumpen Comics Release Party May 30, 2014 • 8pm – midnight-ish Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219-21 S Morgan Street, Chicago Il 60608 Please join us as we celebrate the release of our second All Comics Issue of Lumpen magazine. Edited by Joe Tallerico, this edition features an international sampling of some of the best comic artists [...]

MDW Fair Call for Participation

The MDW Fair, October 26-28th, 2012 at the Geolofts October 26-28th, 2012 at the Geolofts Friday October 26, Vernissage Open Saturday October 27 and Sunday October 28, 12-6 PM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The MDW Fair invites proposals for its fall showcase at the Geolofts in Bridgeport. Formed in spring 2011 as a collaborative project between [...]

JAP # 8 is Online

One of our all time favorite publications, The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, has just released the online version of the long awaited issue #8. The theme: No other time than here No other place than now From JAP: As witnessed by the amazing and meaningful mutation of the #Occupy movement, these are transformative times. In [...]

Friday, October 21st in Bridgeport

We have three openings on Friday October 21, 2011. If you are coming down please visit what we have planned  in this order: – Thad Kellstadt @ Eastern Expansion 244 W 31st St  • 6-9pm – Judy Natal @ Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 S Morgan St • 6-9pm – MDW Fair Vernissage @ Geolfots 3636 S [...]

The International Hotdog Forum

It’s an age old debate: which city boasts the best style of hotdog. The International Hotdog Forum aims to put this argument to rest by bringing together twelve of the most infamous regional hotdog recipes, not to compare against one another, but to celebrate the nuanced differences and diversity of tubesteak styles. Chef E-Dog has [...]

Get Lucky at the Printer’s Ball this Friday July 29

Proximity magazines will be given away at the event, which will feature an extraordinarily awesome selection of craft beers as well! “The Printers’ Ball: IT’S ALIVE! is presented by the Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine with the Center for Book & Paper Arts, the Chicago Underground Library, Columbia College Chicago, and MAKE magazine. The 7th [...]

Dispatches and Directions

Looks rad. We just ordered one >> Over the past several years ART2102 has acted as a platform for artists and curators in Los Angeles to realize their projects and exhibitions. From its space in Boyle Heights, ART2102 hosted a vibrant program known for its open cultural discourse and flexibility of ideas, and for engaging both [...]

Rotterdam Film Festival Call for Work

The 17th edition of the Rotterdam VHS Festival will take place on July 29th 2011. As always we’re looking for new work to include in our program so please send us your tape/dvd/datastick/digital upload! For more information and an application form go to Deadline is: Wednesday July 20th. Entries can be sent to: Rotterdam [...]

Idiot Wind: On the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in the US and Europe, and What It Means for Contemporary Art

Maybe we are a little late in noticing it’s release, but be advised: E-Flux’s latest issue is amazing and should be required reading for all you art fags. Check it out. From the introduction: When Paul Chan and Sven Lütticken proposed to gather a series of “reports” on the (mostly) recent rise of right-wing, populist [...]

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

We are super exited that our pal (and Proximity contributor) Bill Mackey is coming to town Thursday for a presentation and talk at the Graham Foundation. Please join us.. You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too BILL MACKEY JAN 27, 2011, 6PM On January 27, 2011, Bill Mackey will give a graphic presentation [...]

Infoporn II Preview

We shot some images of our Select Media Festival 9 show, Infoporn II.

Proximity 008 Release Party Dec 9, 2010

We open Select Media Festival 9: Infoporn II with the release of our own contribution to the information overload. Proximity magazine’s Issue 008, themed Education as Art, is a 230 page opus and represents our latest and greatest effort in publishing. Stop by and get a copy at a discount ($10), enjoy some beverages and [...]

Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair Saturday

November 20, 2010 will be the 10th Annual Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair,  co-sponsored by Rethinking Schools. This year’s theme is ”Another Education is Possible, Another World is Necessary!” From the website: In “science fair” format, and completely grassroots volunteer-organized, the Curriculum Fair will provide over 600 educators, activists, parents, youth & community members with a space [...]

Proximity at Bronx Museum Art Fair

Proximity 007 Now in Stores

Proximity 007 (Catalog of Strategies) has shipped and should be on a bookshelf near you. For you non-supporters of print we will be posting selections on-line soon. Check our Stockists list for a location near you. If you cannot find it at one of these locations you can order one  from us via paypal and [...]

Help Build the School of the Future

Proximity contributor (and How We Work columnist) Chris Kennendy (of the Institute for Applied Aesthetics), is ramping up his School of the Future Project. Inspired by anarchist self-education projects like Chicago’s own A-zone, the Public School initiative and other free school projects, the School of the Future combines education with art to reimagine what a [...]

Version 10 starts this Thursday

Every year we present  a snapshot of the ever changing art ecology of Chicago and it’s called Version Festival. For nine years we have been experimenting with the festival format as a way of exposing the Do-It-Together spirit of the Chicago art scenes and highlighting some of the best projects, initiatives and groups that make [...]

Amy Franceschini on BAS

Bad At Sports, the midwest’s most important art podcast did an interview with one of our favorite artists, Amy Franceschini. Listen here. And keep it up guys!

The (Con)Temporary Art Space

A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to work with the Chicago Loop Alliance, a chamber of commerce-like organization that serves the downtown loop area merchants. They started their Pop-Up Art Loop gallery project and gave us the old Ritz Camera store to engage with a project. We are opening a new joint [...]

Farewell Tupajumi!

We are going to miss all of our new friends from the Tupajumi Foundation. Their exhibition at the Co-Prosperity Sphere was a great example of how  awesome a group show can be. You can check out documentation of the C-PS show here and here. We look forward to working with them in the future. And [...]

The Baffler is Back!

Long ago in a world without internet, a few critical publications helped inspire and activate insurrection and counter cultural thinking here in the U.S. These publications provided real cultural coverage and analysis of how our lives were being consumed, co-opted and recombined by The Corporations.  The Baffler was one of them. Their critique was a [...]

Art Shanty Projects 2010

One of the most interesting public art projects we have ever seen is taking place on a lake in Minnesota. Check out  how Art Shanty Projects unfolds. It opens tomorrow!

Visit The Public Collectors Study Center

Tonite we had the great fortune of briefly visiting the Don Celender exhibit by Public Collectors, an archive and research project created by Marc Fischer. Marc is a trailblazing researcher, formidable conceptual artist, and socially engaged art worker and I love the fact that he puts so many amazing hard to find materials on the [...]

Artists Run Chicago Digest

The Artists Run Chicago Digest is out. Researchers, historians and art educators should not sleep on the beautifully JNL designed, limited edition journal. Co-produced by Green Lantern Press and threewalls it contains: Interviews, essays and responses along with floorplans, exhibition histories and other visuals archive and present a 10-year time period in Chicago’s artist-run culture [...]

New Print Review

The cacophony of voices declaring the death of print is a topic of great concern, but don’t believe the hype. Yes, mainstream newspapers and the corporate publishing houses are in decline, but independent and niche publishing is on the rise. The unique analog properties of books and indie magazines deserve some attention, some celebration.  For [...]

Artists Run Chicago

This Sunday, May 10 the Hyde Park Art Center will open its Artists Run Chicago show in Gallery 1. Proximity and its related tentacles will  participate in quite a few ways.  First we asked our friend Michael T Rea to bring over his Spacesuit for Steven Hawking to represent Reuben Kincaid Artist Management. As part [...]

Deadline for (Con)Temporary Art Chicago Guide March 10

Proximity Magazine invites you to participate in the (Con)Temporary Art Chicago Guide. The Guide showcases the best cultural offerings in Chicago during the Spring season – late April to early May 2009. We are  creating a map and publication – including directories, articles, and interviews – about what’s happening at places both prominent and secret [...]

We Fogot about the Futurists

We forgot to mention earlier last week that that one hundred years ago, on February 20,  the Futurist Manifesto was presented on the frontpage of Le Figaro. Well, Dutch Art mag Metropolis M didn’t forget nor did many other European art fags. Here is a handy link to Futurist Cookbook recipes that we can all [...]

(Con)Temporary Art Guide – Chicago

[caption id="attachment_888" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Art Shanty at Iron Studios (2006)"][/caption] Proximity Magazine invites you to participate in (Con)Temporary Art Chicago. This 80-96 page book, to be released along with the next issue of Proximity Magazine, will showcase the best cultural offerings in Chicago during the art fair season – late April to early May 2009. [...]


Just added at the Bureau of Public Secrets website: DON QUIXOTE ATTACKS THE WINDMILLS Miguel de Cervantes’s “Don Quixote” is one of the most wonderful books in the world. A middle-aged country gentleman, brain addled by reading too many chivalric adventure stories, adopts the trappings of a medieval knight and sets out to rescue damsels [...]