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June 27: ArchiGO: 50 Years Later

Friday, June 27, 2014 7-midnight ArchiGO, 50 Years Later Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 S Morgan St Admission is $5 after 9pm ArchiGO was an avant-garde architectural group formed in the 1960s – based at the Illinois Institute of Technology  – that was neofuturistic, anti-heroic and pro-consumerist, drawing inspiration from technology in order to create a new [...]

Mash Tun Journal 5 Call for Submissions

Hey kids! Mash Tun Journal is seeking submissions —written and photographic — on the exploding craft beer scene worldwide. Mash Tun covers anything and everything about the craft and art of alcohol with a specific focus on how the industry intersects with food, culture and society. Past issues have included travel essays from Brazil to [...]

Interview with Tom Palazzolo

Tom is a painter, photographer and film maker who taught art at Daley College for 36 years. He has worked in these media since 1965. His work has been shown extensively in the US and in Europe. Major shows include MOMA, The Whitney in NY and the New wing of the Art Institute and has [...]

Mash Tun Fest: The Invitational • June 22 , 2013

The third edition of the Mash Tun Festival  takes  place June 22th, 2-6pm, 2013 in Bridgeport, the Community of the Future. The festival features over thirty of the world’s best breweries pouring over sixty six different brews. Flagship and rare beers will be poured alongside one-of-a-kind concoctions at the stunning Bridgeport Art Center at 35th [...]

Mash Tun Fest: The Invitational

The third edition of the Mash Tun Festival  takes  place June 22th, 2-6pm, 2013 in Bridgeport, the Community of the Future. The festival features over thirty of the world’s best breweries pouring over sixty different brews. Flagship and rare beers will be poured alongside one-of-a-kind concoctions at the stunning Bridgeport Art Center at 35th and [...]

Call for Participation – Version Festival 13: An Urban Operating System

Version 13: An Urban Operating System June 14 through June 22, 2013 DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: May 10, 2013. For the past twelve years, Version Festival has introduced innovative projects that tackle local, social, and urban issues. Every year, the festival highlights socially engaged projects and people, and promotes the cultural use of public space. This [...]

Lumpen Comics Issue

January 25, 2013 7-11 pm Please join us at the Co-Prosperity Sphere as we celebrate the release of the long awaited Comics Issue of Lumpen magazine. We haven’t done one since the 90′s and we are super thrilled to see a compilation of some of the best comic artists in America all contained in one [...]

Proximity Issue 010: Mutualisms Release Party

We are very pleased to announce the release of Proximity Magazine Issue 010: ‘Mutualisms’ on November 9, 2012. We are using the opening of the  MDW Fair as our release party!  So come and get yer free copy… This guest edited edition was organized  by Lise Haller Baggesen and Kirsten Leenaars who initiated the collaborative [...]

Mash Tun Launches May 19

This week we will launch Mash Tun: A Craft Beer Journal, during our inaugural Mash Tun Craft Beer Festival on May 19, 2012. Mash Tun is our paean to craft beer. It follows the pleasures and aesthetics of craft beer and how it intersects with food, culture, and society. The Mash Tun comes in the form [...]

Mash Tun is Coming

Maria’s and Public Media Institute are releasing a publication that celebrates the culture of beer and it’s called Mash Tun: A Craft Beer Journal. The 160 page  four color  magazine will be released during Chicago’s Craft Beer Week ( May 17-27, 2012). And to celebrate its release we are throwing a killer event: The Mash [...]

Help us Fund Version Festival

The creators of Proximity Magazine also produce the annual Version Festival. This year, for the entire month of May,  we are opening twelve pop up and remixed spaces in the neighborhood of Bridgeport. We need your support.  Please check out and support our fundraising campaign via Kickstarter. Thanks so much!

Deanna Isaacs on the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012

Thanks Deanna. Glad someone spoke loudly about the pink guerrilla in the room. Two things were obvious at Wednesday night’s jam-packed town hall meeting to gather public input on the city’s new cultural plan. First, the Chicago arts community (more than 300 of whom showed up) is aching for a new version of the 26-year-old [...]

JAP # 8 is Online

One of our all time favorite publications, The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, has just released the online version of the long awaited issue #8. The theme: No other time than here No other place than now From JAP: As witnessed by the amazing and meaningful mutation of the #Occupy movement, these are transformative times. In [...]

Lumpen 20th Anniversary Issue Released this Friday

We are pleased to announce the release of our 20th anniversary issue of Lumpen Magazine, our sister publication! It’s hard to believe it’s been going on this long. For this special issue Plural Design created an overview of 20 years and 116 issues of the publication. It features  an 80 page magazine with a 24 [...]

Dispatches and Directions

Looks rad. We just ordered one >> Over the past several years ART2102 has acted as a platform for artists and curators in Los Angeles to realize their projects and exhibitions. From its space in Boyle Heights, ART2102 hosted a vibrant program known for its open cultural discourse and flexibility of ideas, and for engaging both [...]

Time Out Reviews Hang in There

Aron Gent’s Grip, Tip, Slip (2011) was shown at Co-Prosperity Sphere as part of Hang In There Beyond the commercial realm of tapes, books and inspirational posters, some of the most meaningful forms of motivation are tailor-made. Whether creating a list, mantra or encouraging note to self, we integrate custom motivational tools into our daily [...]

The Bomber Remains Anonymous: Reenacting the Haymarket Riot

Bad At Sports and Caroline Picard on the reenactment that blew our minds.. Until recently, my recollection of the Haymarket Riot is as follows: Me, age 15 in the high school library looking over microfiche and taking notes on note cards as had been suggested by our US History teacher. As prickly as he was [...]

Version Festival and the Beauty of Enthusiasm

Enjoy a nice review by Liz Armstrong for Ready Made Magazine about a few things that happened so far at Version Festival 11: The Community.

Lumpen 116 is Out There

Lumpen issue #116 is on the streets. You can download a digital version here or visit your Lumpen friendly store, cafe or donut purveyor.

Call for Proposals Version 11: The Community

Our annual festival is happening again from April 22 to May 1, 2011. We are accepting proposals including texts for Proximity 009 which will be released at the festival.

Idiot Wind: On the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in the US and Europe, and What It Means for Contemporary Art

Maybe we are a little late in noticing it’s release, but be advised: E-Flux’s latest issue is amazing and should be required reading for all you art fags. Check it out. From the introduction: When Paul Chan and Sven Lütticken proposed to gather a series of “reports” on the (mostly) recent rise of right-wing, populist [...]

Reblog: Other People’s Lists

We are not making a list for the best art action we experienced in 2010, but playing Dungeons and Dragons for a weekend was defintely a highlight.  While rutting around  the inter-morass we did find some fine lists. Burtonwood pointed out Gordy Grundy ‘s (of Coagula mag fame) Survival Skills for the American Fine Artist. [...]

Proximity and our other mags win awards

We just wanted to toot our own horns by congratulating the designers, artists, and photographers that won us 3 different awards for Print magazine’s  The Best American Design of The Year.  Plural Design was recognized for its work on Lumpen Magazine  and the (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago. Michael Freimuth got an award for Issue 006 [...]

Art Booty Call

Paul Klein figured it out for you this weekend.

Bridgeport Holiday

If you ever wondered what the hell this Bridgeport “art scene” is about, then this weekend is the time for you to figure it out. From Friday, October 15 to Sunday, October 17, 2010 many spaces and artists in the neighborhood  will be opening their galleries and studios for you to check out. Download a [...]

Proximity at Bronx Museum Art Fair

127 Prince

A new arts journal has started in Chicago and its called 127 Prince,  named after the location of artist Gordon Matta-Clark’s 1971 restaurant FOOD. According to their site 127 Prince will “present and examine ideas on the art of social practice, and the social practice of art.” The collective of editors includes Randall Szott, Jen [...]

Afterall Spring issue

We recently received the latest issue of Afterall and will be placing it in our Public Media Research Library. One essay that popped out was Claire Barliant’s essay “Adaptive Reuse: New Strategies in Response to the Housing Crisis.” She surveys works by Center For Urban Pedagogy’s  Damon Rich, as well as artists Mary Ellen Carroll [...]

May Day at Version

The Printervention party, (C)TAS, Unearthed Americana show, NEXT booth, PMIRL, Proximity magazine release, Berlin afterparty, and the Lumpy Trouser Demons exhibition are under our belt. Join us today for the Art parade and our closing party.

Issue 007 Release

We are releasing the new issue of Proximity during Version Festival and at the NEXT Art Fair. Pick up a (free!) copy of the brand-spanking-new issue themed “Catalog of Strategies.” Please join us for our PMIRL Launch at our NEXT Booth #9056. The Public Media Institute is pleased to announce the launch of our latest [...]

In the Middle of Version 10

We barely had a chance to look at a computer this weekend because the festival has consumed our attention. A quick upload of images from some of the recent days events and shows is on our Flickr site. We  have six more days to go and tons of work and projects to share. Tonight is [...]

Research Library launching at NEXT

Our new pal Luke Williams made our identity system for the Proximity/PMI project: the Public Media Institute Research Library aka PMIRL.  See it at Next Art Fair (as part of Version 10).

The Singer Sweatshop Show

We had a fantastic time at the Singer Sweatshop last night at our Trendbeheer meets Proximity  encounter #5! The Proximity suitcase show rocked, and people enjoyed  the Chicago -based publications that we brought over to share. Three kisses on the cheeks goes to Niels Post of trendbeheer for making this happen. Lots of hugs go [...]

Dance Card Full

This February has been really busy for us here at Public Media Institute and Proximity magazineland. This weekend marks an end to our recent programming madness . We hope the following events will provide motivation for you to battle this Chicago winter and give you a chance to check out some exciting new shit. On [...]

The (Con)Temporary Art Space

A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to work with the Chicago Loop Alliance, a chamber of commerce-like organization that serves the downtown loop area merchants. They started their Pop-Up Art Loop gallery project and gave us the old Ritz Camera store to engage with a project. We are opening a new joint [...]

Lumpen 114 and Save the Whale

We are excited about the release of another issue of our sister publication, Lumpen magazine. Issue 114 should be out this Friday, February 5, during the Save the Whale fundraiser at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.  Plural Design’s tender care in creative direction makes printing on paper worth it.

Ten Years in 2 Minutes with 92 Magazine Covers

Good magazine and coudal tipped us off to this.


Nancy Klehm is featured in Time Magazine discussing Humanure. “At one point, Klehm invited her “nutrient loopers” to a potluck and was surprised to see who had agreed to participate. “It was the white collar people, not the ragtag anarchists. Mostly, they were delighted that they got this wacky proposal,” she says. “They didn’t know [...]

Artists Run Chicago Digest

The Artists Run Chicago Digest is out. Researchers, historians and art educators should not sleep on the beautifully JNL designed, limited edition journal. Co-produced by Green Lantern Press and threewalls it contains: Interviews, essays and responses along with floorplans, exhibition histories and other visuals archive and present a 10-year time period in Chicago’s artist-run culture [...]

Events and Nonsense

Bad At Sports interviews Temporary Services. Our patron, Reuben Kincaid, brings the Radar Eyes print show to NY. Art Review magazine’s Power 100 meet the The Top 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World Saturday November 7 is Media Democracy Day. A sweet Satellite Alphabet set threewalls and TheGreen Lantern Press release The Artist’s [...]

Listen to Boris Groys Re: The Aesthetic Responsibility

Nate, our captain of tranquility, suggests we all listen to philosopher Boris Groys on the aesthetic responsibility via Frieze podcast Writer, curator and philosopher Boris Groys gave a keynote lecture on how design today functions as a leading medium of self–revelation and self–positioning in public space

PR is now on-line!

We are pleased to announce that PR, our companion publication, now has its own home here at PR is published in between each issue of PROXIMITY. It includes reviews, extended essays and a large graphic/art piece  printed in a broadsheet style. You can find PR all over Chicago and they are FREE. So while [...]

How artists run (sometimes away from) Chicago

Don’t miss these recent pieces about making art in Chicago from our local artblogosphere: New City Art’s Art School Unconfidential: What the city’s burgeoning MFA programs mean for the future of artists in Chicago is a great read comparing the students and programs of the big 5 Chicago universities. The Bad At Sports Artists Run [...]

Pr 002 Release

On Sunday May 31, 2009  Public Media Insitute (Proximity’s parent) will release issue #002 of Pr, our broadsheet newsletter,  at the Hyde Park Art Center. It is part of the Artists Run Chicago Exhibition and features and essay about the history of artist-run spaces in Chicago from the last 25 years by Dan Gunn. [...]

Artists Run Chicago

This Sunday, May 10 the Hyde Park Art Center will open its Artists Run Chicago show in Gallery 1. Proximity and its related tentacles will  participate in quite a few ways.  First we asked our friend Michael T Rea to bring over his Spacesuit for Steven Hawking to represent Reuben Kincaid Artist Management. As part [...]

thanks man, see you around man, fuck yeah, you guys are wild, thanks man, i dig it, see you

One of the best shows to have debuted since last year is Cody Hudson’s and Corey Arnold’s jam at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery. Take take a peak before the show comes down May 9.  If you don’t know Hudson you should read this recent interview conducted by the cats that design Proximity magazine: The Post [...]

For the Faint of Heart

Our release party last Saturday was a blast. Thanks for coming. Even if you didn’t get a fresh copy of the new publications  we will make it easy for you. Download a preview copy of  Matériel at the magazine’s website.  You can purchase one at Golden Age, Quimbys, No Coast, Rotofugi, and Penelope’s. They will [...]


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR MONU – magazine on urbanism #11 – CLEAN URBANISM Download the new Call for Submission – Poster for Clean Urbanism and post it in your faculty! When it comes to Clean Urbanism – i.e. an urbanism that is dedicated to minimizing both the required inputs for a city of energy, water, [...]

Pr is off to the printer

Margot Harrington and Chad Kouri just finished designing our new sister publication,  Pr. Pr is a “Posterletter”–half newsletter and half poster–and it rocks!  The over sized broadsheet confabulation features an interview with Paul Chan, whose recent exhibition at the Renaissance Society garnered rave reviews. Also featured is a beautiful poster designed by Margot and inspired [...]

You Were Not There

Nor were we. We were looking for some news regarding the big spring art kick off in NYC and found a few crumbs worth digesting about the Armory Show and other fairs. Paddy Johnson’s reliable commentary and rated reviews can be found here. Some NYT items: Toplessness and Taxidermy in a Bottoming Market A Painting [...]

Magazines are dead

Momus, aka Nick Currie, blogs about the death of print. It’s not looking good for pulp in Chicago after the bankruptsies of the Tribune and The Chicago Reader as well as the collapse of print titles like Stop Smiling and Prompt. One interesting fact he pulled out is that for  every magazine pronounced dead in [...]

Matériel: A Proximity Publication

We are sending our sort of top secret broadside magazine project to the printers this week. Matériel is an oversized, newsprint publication that’s a collection of the best/brightest designers/illustrators/photographers work we can find – creating a showcase for their submitted work.  It’s a sister magazine to Proximity providing a ‘design’ counterpoint to Prox’s ‘art’ focus. [...]

A Field Study on Art and Market

Proximity was inspired in part by Fucking Good Art, a Rotterdam-based art rag that has taken flight and finds itself coming out with special issues from festivals and biennials from all around Europe. Given our focus in interpreting the machinations of various art worlds we find their Swiss Issue instructive and illuminating: ‘Greed is the [...]

5 Questions About Socially Engaged Art in Chicago

Last month our hard working friends at Area Magazine launched this interesting survey and questionnaire about making socially engaged art in Chicago . We post this link to give you a nice survey of the great projects and the processes behind them. The Questions: * Who is your audience and how does your work mobilize [...]