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All Power to the Free Universities

We call for everybody to establish their own free universities in their homes or in the workplace, in the square or in the wilderness. All power to the free universities of the future.

—The Free U Resistance Committee of June 18, 2011.

Top Ten Links with Stina Kaczmaryn

Stina is an artist and graphic designer whose artwork has been shown around town, and whose graphic design talents feature a mean Lisa Frank impression. Can’t I be the next Lisa Frank? When she’s not concocting awesomeness in the art world, she’s busy making me caprese sandwiches… and finding these goodies on the internet. You can find her on the internet at

ANOTHER PARADISE LOST! : A Surrealist Program of Demands on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster

O octopus, with your silken look! whose soul is inseparable from mine… -The Songs of Maldoror We are through with the rational, reasonable, realistic and scientific solutions of faith-based positivism. Instead, we make the following demands and dedicate them to Judi Bari, an Earth First! liberator and lover of old-growth trees who was car-bombed by [...]

Proximity 007

We are very pleased to announce issue 007 of Proximity is now in a store near you. Check our Stockists list for a location near you. If you cannot find it at one of these locations you can order one  from us via paypal and we will mail it over to you. PROXIMITY 007 is [...]

Edra Soto’s Top Ten Links

Edra Soto has been everywhere in the past year, from her 12×12 show at the MCA, to curating a zombie show at Antena, to shaking hands with the Guerilla Girls (in gorilla hand gloves, no less).  She’s also been on the internet.  This is what she’s drummed up for your surfing pleasure. I always [...]

L.A. // Telefantasy Studios

Telefantasy Studios is the creation of Jennifer Juniper Stratford and Christine Adolph, their union is the direct result of a meeting in an after-school high school video production class in 1990.

L.A. // Letter from Los Angeles

I spent the past summer in Chicago on a Threewalls residency with my collaborator, Jemima Wyman. It was my first real break from Los Angeles in four years.

Rotterdam // Interview with Fucking Good Art

Fucking Good Art started as a newsprint newsletter/arts publication and quickly became a critical voice for Rotterdam’s arts worlds.

Rotterdam // An Introduction

Watching these groups, initiatives and spaces grow in the past decade has been instrumental in our understanding of what other art worlds can look like.

Thailand // Rolling back the ball: generations of art worlds in Northern Thailand

In 2005, Ong—his full name is Pisithpong Siraphisut, but most Thais go by a nickname—had just finished art school at Chiang Mai University. He was living in the city and working dead-end jobs. An opportunity arose to buy some land outside the town of Doi Saket, about 20km to the northeast of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s [...]

Chicago // Expressive Enterprise

They are expressive enterprises as much as they are businesses, and they can have considerable impact on the world around them.

Chicago // Chicago as DIY Counter-Public; Or, I don’t like Capitalism and I don’t think you do either

…too often the imagined and expressed political positioning of this “arts-activist” scene becomes less explicit and watered down in the attempt to encapsulate a complex history of discursive thought and production.

Rachel Hewitt’s Best of 2009

Some of these picks aren’t necessarily spaces that opened in 2009 or the newest NPOs that have popped up on the map, but since I’ve just crawled out from under a rock, all of them are new to me, and all of them are pretty amazing.

Bert Stabler’s Ten Picks

Our second Top Ten picks for 2009. This one by Contributing Editor Albert Stabler.

Best Art of 2009 (Ed & Rachael’s Picks)

Here is the first installment of our year-end round up of art projects, exhibitions and actions in Chicago that made a difference to us here at Proximity and the Public Media Institute.

Top Ten with Adam Farcus

Adam Farcus will be presenting his “Store Interventions” project on Saturday, October 3, at the SAIC as part of the Accidental Publics symposium.

Top Ten Links with Patrick Holbrook

Patrick Holbrook is the mastermind behind the tiny, but awesome Humboldt Park art space, Eel Space.

Top Ten Links with Christopher Hudgens

Not to be confused with Vanessa, Christopher Hudgens is an advocate for all things art and tech. As the architect of the online presence of “Bad at Sports” Hudgens is a true champion of dialogue and criticism in the Windy City and beyond.  In a previous life he served as Business Operations Manager for Bridge Art Fair [...]

Top Ten Links –Casey Smallwood

Why should you listen to Casey Smallwood when she tells you that these links are the greatest things to happen to the internet since Al Gore? You should listen to Casey because she’s designed a dog suit for the future.  You should listen to Casey because if you don’t, she will steal your pizza.  You [...]

Andrew Ek’s Top 10 Links

#4 –

Renzo Martens and the Circus of Suffering

The descriptions are hypnotic in Associated Press correspondent Bryan Mealer’s new book All Things Must Fight To Live: Stories of War and Deliverance in Congo…