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Polish Space

As we hauled our suitcases up a dim staircase to our new Polish home—a tiny fifth floor communist-era apartment—each door we passed cracked open, revealing the faces of our new neighbors. These were not friendly faces. They weren’t even curious. The expressions conveyed a sort of blank negativity that I have since come to recognize [...]


There seems to be an incredible amount of enthusiasm for projects developing alternative economies, education, food, artworlds, and the other infrastructures that organize daily life.

A Consideration for a Social Settlement: A Brief Early History of the Stockyard Institute

After 15 years, the Stockyard Institute has become an incidental practice as well – one that uses the eyes of many curators and situation organizers to open up experiences

CVAE Club Chicago

The Condition of Art Education: Defining the Field and its Distinct Territories. The following material is intended as a starting point for expanding discussions, collaborations, and research for the field of Art Education. Much of this document reviews personal and historical influences whilst restating existing ideas in the disciplinary literature. We have attempted to articulate [...]

On Otherness and the Arts

The visual and material culture of outsiders—bikers, tattooers, carnies, and others—tends to orbit around, participate in, and influence aspects of the fine arts.

Karaoke Marfa

There is little evidence that the land US Route 90 travels though as it arcs from El Paso to Marfa (Population: 2,121) is not the fabled middle of nowhere. That is, almost no evidence.

Dispatch from the Vault

My research into the museum’s permanent collection is largely aimed at providing helpful context for each of the artists and artworks that are represented.

I don’t like Photography

I see fine art photography as hemmed in by three ‘P’s: painting, poverty, and Pentax.

Denigrate the Sedentary, Defecate in the Cemetary! Exorcising the Urban Ghostscape

For centuries graffiti has claimed visual space throughout cities, impudently besmirching society’s accreted attempts at organizing itself.

CULTURE IN THE CLINK: Poor Theatre in Chicago’s Federal Prison

Ten years ago, I was looking for a way to understand what life inside prison was like. My brother was locked up in Texas and he refused to let me visit.

Social Network of Seattle Literary Magazines (Print and Web)

Although online literary magazines have always been more accessible than print ones, it wasn’t until after 2001 that the quantity and quality began to dwarf print magazines.

Reporting from Inside Democracy in America

Our national narrative holds many more flattering examples of what defines us as a people. Over the past seven years, for example, we’ve billed ourselves as bearers of Democracy to the rest of the globe.

Signs As Direct Action

The type of signs, billboards, historical markers and monuments that dominate public space inform us greatly about the culture and the politics that we live under.

The Sheet and Tin Plate Company Edison Concept Houses of Gary, Indiana

The history of early twentieth architecture is replete with innovations in building technology, especially in sometimes experimental industrial housing developments.

Death to Law:Progressive Public Art in Chicago

I am a chronically sleep-deprived art teacher in a Chicago public school, and it’s been a tense two weeks…

Swampwalls Dark matter & the Lumpen Army of Art

For more than thirty years, a close relation of mine has worked in the shipping and receiving department of a non-unionized factory in Pennsylvania.

Cities: Marktown

Technically a neighborhood in the city of East Chicago, Marktown lies just over the Illinois/Indiana state border along East 129th street.

Cities: Rotterdam

Over the past twenty years, Rotterdam has emerged as one of the lesser-known cultural capitals of Europe.

Cities: Ruffenhofen

Ruffenhofen is one of those places that, after 1400 years of settlement and development, remains a handful of houses and fields.

Cities: Jacmel

Can you imagine being in a community where being an artist is considered an honest and valued career choice? I am pleased to say I have found that community…

Cities: Hamburg

Some years ago, the city of Hamburg discovered that it could promote itself through its cool subcultural scene, which visual artists are an important part of.

Cities: Helsinki

“I hope the Secret Shop becomes a big secret.”

Cities: Reyjaveik

Outside of the Russian mafia, the Icelandic Artist wields a lot of power here.

Cities: Tokyo

Tokyo & The Presentation of Art in Unusual Places

Cities: Oberhausen

Each year Oberhausen transforms into a gathering place for film and video…

Cities: Milwaukee

Searching for Art in the Land of Curds and Beer.

Taking Back the Plaque: The Art and Tactics of the Pocho Research Society

This essay examines one collective, the Pocho Research Society (PRS) that has done just this by dedicating their practice to altering existing monuments…

Other Options

Other Options attempts to identify artists’ practices, which critique these old paradigms, and the infrastructures that support them, while …