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An Interview with Jeff Zimmerman

These Pilsen murals, as well as the indoor Chicago Cultural Center show, demonstrate a style so distinctive that Zimmerman’s work elsewhere is highly recognizable. Using a candy-colored palette and compositions filled with motion, Zimmerman zeroes in on distinctive faces in the surrounding neighborhood and splashes them across entire walls.

Operation First Causualty: An Interview with Aaron Hughes

Much of the work was about his personal experiences in the Middle East and trying to make sense of the war and his own involvement.

Rod Slemmons

Rod Slemmons is the Executive Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago. He’s had a very distinguished career as a museum professional, teacher, curator, writer, editor and printmaker.

Post Typography

graphic design, lettering, logo, illustration … Vandalism, punk rock, video, sandwich making … Teaching, editing, beard growing, book covers …

Interview with Dee Clements of Simple Gallery

Dee Clements is a local painter, curator and aspiring gallerist.  Although Simple Gallery has been in the works as a brainstorm for ten years, it’s just within the past year that benefits have been held and the first artist grant has been awarded. Conducted over email between the end of July and beginning of August, [...]

Theaster Gates

In order to share hard truths, you need a vehicle. The vehicle could be something that I invent to reveal and other times, the stories come from the mouths of people who have lived them.

Renny Pritikin

I think that the art institution has to change from being a warehouse to being a site for potential action.

Paul Chan Interview

Paul Chan’s digital videos and projects combine outsider art, surrealism, and popular culture in dystopian visions engendered by events of grave social injustice.

Hamburger Eyes

“As far as a scene, I feel that especially right now with photography in the art world, people just want to come up fast. They want to be the shit right now.”

One Question About Critical Art In Chicago

This interview is part of 5 Questions About Critical Art In Chicago, an online publication presented by AREA Chicago.

Steve Lambert

Sure, you could call Steve Lambert a prankster, but that would be too simple a title.

Philip Matesic

“This is my studio… I’ve converted it into a cafe for four hours a day, serving art students coffee and hopefully engaging them…

Stephanie Smith

…at the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum, Stephanie Smith has organized articulate exhibitions marked by expansive investigations of focused themes.

David Horvitz

Among the things Horvitz mails to strangers: photographs of the sky, the sea, himself kissing a moon tree; a rock from the Hudson River

Ben Foch

“I think there is always a gap to be bridged, with integrity on one side and compromise on the other.”