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Issue #8: An Introduction

In 1888, Pope Leo XIII issued an encyclical “On The Nature Of Human Liberty,” in which he opines that, “judgment must be passed on what has been called liberty of teaching.” A paragraph earlier he says that, “the liberty of which we have been speaking is greatly opposed to reason, and tends absolutely to pervert [...]

Issue #7: An Introduction

The folks at this magazine believe it’s important to practice what you preach. So we are proud to say this Proximity was released at Version Festival, one of our many projects.

Issue #6 an introduction

We want to thank all of the individuals, groups and organizations that find value in the publication you are holding in your hands reading on-line.

Issue #5 an introduction

We live and work in Chicago, a city with some of the country’s best traditional and non-traditional photography incubators. Some of our schools – like The School of Art Institute, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Columbia College – have especially distinguished instructors and programs. And in the past few years…

Issue #4 Introduction

Times are bad. We see local galleries close and institutions selling their collections. There is financial fraud at nonprofits, “underperforming” auction houses, decreased ad revenue in art magazines, empty booths at art fairs, shrinking state funding, and hiring freezes at art schools. Layoffs and cutbacks are pretty much everywhere. The upside of all the turmoil [...]

On-line Content Introduction

We have a lot more going on than we can put in three issues each year. More interviews, reviews, features and studios. Keep an eye out for more in the future…we are taking the internet by storm.

Issue #3 Introduction

There is a lot of hooting going on around town, now that we have Barack Obama as our president. Collectively, we are delighted that Team Bush is tucking up its tail, because now we can focus our energies in moving beyond the morass and into the swamp of what is to be done. [ Read More... ]

Issue #1 Introduction

Only a bunch of artists would start a new art magazine in the throes of a recession. But someone has to do it. Because, sure—the economy is receding and politics are rent, but cultural production in Chicago is surging yet again. [ Read More... ]

Issue #2 Introduction

In this episode of Proximity, we continue our mission: revealing art worlds, real and imagined. Today, we present a series of investigations by dreamers currently inhabiting under-represented art metropoles around the world. Places like Hamburg. Jacmel. Los Alamos. [ Read More... ]