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Tantalized: 20 Paintings by Andrew Ek and Dana Toft

By Rachel Hewitt The Vegan Gallery, a homey space on Division, has a busy calendar filled primarily with exhibitions featuring vegan artists, performances, and environmentally themed workshops.  For a short few weeks the gallery, mysteriously changed to VG, if in promotional materials only, is showing Tantalized a group of twenty works by Andrew Ek and [...]

Happenstance Constellations: On the Chicago Art School Community and the Evolving Expansion of MFA Thesis Exhibitions

As most of us are already very much aware, the Chicago art community is chiefly composed of art school alumni from some of the very major institutions housed around the city. The art circuit here is a tightly knit scene, and provides the perfect outlet for a variety of alternative spaces and commercial galleries, which are often initiated by grads from some of the many art institutions, which are both teaching and providing prospective exhibitions to Chicago’s emerging artists. Among the most influential of the opportunities these institutions offer are the ever-important MFA Thesis exhibitions, whose buzz can usually be heard around this time of year. Come April and May, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College’s Interdisciplinary Arts Department, the University of Chicago’s MFA program in Studio Arts, as well as Northwestern University’s Art Theory & Practice program, are all exhibiting their MFA thesis grads, manifesting in a multitude of artistic practices spanning across Chicago.

The São Paulo Art Fair Economically Robust

At the same time Chicagoans went to see Art Chicago and Next Art fair, The Biennial Pavilion of São Paulo was transformed once again into the biggest meeting point for the arts market in Latin America.

Yesterday @ The Green Gallery East

Nicely played, however, was the decision to install the jaw dropping behemoth of illusionism in the back gallery.

Actions @ Graham Foundation

… I left “Actions” not bored in the least, despite the compulsive abundance of text, but rather with an uneasy sense that the utopian promise of space and technology has …

Two New Reviews

Some Dispatches. First Fridays at the MCA: Art, Absinthe, and Loneliness, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day by Theresa Rothschadl and Review of American Radical by Matt Muchowski. Enjoy!

First Fridays at the MCA: Art, Absinthe, and Loneliness, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, and you’d like to continue that losing streak, you might want to try First Fridays at the MCA.

Review of American Radical

Finkelstein was a professor of mine at DePaul University and he has gained fame and controversy for his books critical of the occupation of Palestine. Finkelstein was denied a tenure position at DePaul and I was one of the students who organized protests in support of his bid for tenure. I was a part of the occupation of DePaul President Fr. Holtschneider’s office. Finkelstein was a fantastic teacher and an excellent academic.

The Land Between. A review of Heartland

” What is refreshing about the exhibition is that there are no Midwest or Dutch stereotypes, but an investigation of materials and clear presentation of ideas which share both countries’ sense of place.”

Mud Activisim by TAMMS Year Ten Coalition, Chicago

The stenciled image read “End Torture in Illinois” and featured an outline of the state and the star locating the TAMMS supermax prison…

Drag Me To Hell

I was scared by the movie. I also laughed at some parts of it, just as Slate promised I would. What neither scared me nor pleased me was the gory stuff…

Publish and be Damned

We are super happy to have been chosen to exhibit at Publish and be Damned. The event is held in conjunction with the London Art Book Fair and introduces some of the planet’s best independent publications to each other. Our Man in Spain, Jorge Miñano Ramírez, will be holding down our stand for Proximity. “Surveying [...]

A New Review and a New Top Ten

Enjoy a review of the socially responsible Bi-Rite Grocery Store by Stuart Keeler. Makes us want to open one in Chicago. Advanced tech and art knowledge is transferred via Ten Links with Christopher Hudgens.

Review: Bi-Rite Grocery Store (San Francisco)

The Bay Area, historically, has been on the cusp of change; this is evident in the social movements, as well as the trends in food, style and living where humanistic attitudes lead contemporary lifestyles. Maybe, it’s how you use your city space, why and what statement, if any is communicated that is the greatest form [...]

BLDG BLOG Book Review

THE BLDG BLOG BOOK Chronicle Books, $29.95 Let’s face it most of the web is for short attention span browsing and no one really reads anything lengthy online. This fact makes it odd that I am choosing for my first review in this series The BLDG BLOG Book by Geoff Manaugh. I thought that everyone [...]

Edra Soto

12 x 12 @ The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago – June 6th-28th

Tom Torluemke and others at the Cultural Center

@ Chicago Cultural Center

Photos from last weekend’s openings

Click here for the photos from last weekend’s openings of “control c, control v” at ebers, Rod Hunting at the coop, “Unusual Suspects” at 2612 space, “The Diorama Show” at The Home Gallery, “Matthew Harris: Beyond China”, “Glenn Wexler: Transit 2″ &  “Spellbound” & “Signs of the Apocalypse/Rapture” at the Hyde Park Art Center.

You wanna be an art star

Reblogged everywhere on the artblogosphere Bravo is now casting their reality based show called the Untitled Art Project. They are seeking emerging and mid career artists. Here’s your chance.  Now go to the Bravo casting call site for full details: Casting Calls for The Untitled Art Project are as follows: LOS ANGELES Saturday, July 11 [...]

Return to Function

Various Artists – Madison Museum of Contemporary Art – May 2 to August 23, 2009

Two Book Reviews

Lilly Lampe reveiws two books: Fragments by David Carl and Trucks by John Himmelfarb

Protect Protect

Jenny Holzer at the MCA Chicago.

Intermission / Design / Empowerment

Sarah Galvin reviews these three things. Enjoy.

DPA vs BOPS and Ladies Night

Various Artists – Happy Dog Gallery -March 26th and 27th, 2009

I Don’t Believe You

Roots & Culture – Chicago, IL – March 28 – May 2nd 2009

A Letter From Japan: The Photographs of John Swope

In one photo, Jimmy Stewart stands humorously in the desert, staring oddly at what looks to be a gas-powered model airplane.

Beautiful Losers (Sidetrack Films)

Some hear the term “Beautiful Losers” and think of the Leonard Cohen book.


I went to bed at three with my hair full of Miller High Life and other people’s sweat. I set my alarm for six. I didn’t have to get up for work until eleven…

Two Truths and a Lie

Blame Dada. Wikipedia, that hallowed inter-web tome of ceaseless knowledge, associates performance art with the Dadaists.

A Recipe for King: Artist as Man = Evolution

Trapped in the middle of this century, like a sardine in a can, exists its most relevant artist, whom I’m quite certain you’ve never heard of.

Art Fag in Art Land

Art Fag reviews Stan Shellabarger, Gordon Matta Clark, Patricia Acosta, Stina Kaczmaryn, Jeff Koons, and Michael Hernandez De Luna.

Without You I am Nothing

Various Artists – Green Lantern, Mar/Apr 2009

Primal Dildo

REVIEW: Paul Nudd and Nick Black at Antena – Feb/Mar 2009


REVIEW: Deborah Simon – Packer Schopf Gallery – Jan/Feb 2009

About Time

Alumni Bookworks, 1991 to 2008 by Various Artists (The Columbia College Chicago Book and Paper Center Gallery, March 2009

Space Discovery: A review of An Atlas of Radical Cartography

The fist time I went to Central New York state was the first time I knew where it was. The first time I heard about Sudan on the news was the first time I knew where it was, and what was on the nearby borders. Our personal maps of the world are continuously changing. Through [...]

Art Fag in Art Land

James Jankowiak, William Betts, Katerina Šedá, Shawn May, Chuck Walker, Chang Jia, Jason Hackenwerth all reviewed by Art Fag.

How Sylvia Skullworthy Becomes an Art Brut Star

Henry Darger Exhibition – INTUIT – Jan-Jun, 2008

Go Tell Mama I’m for Obama

Various Artists – Phantom Galleries, Chicago – February 2008

Performance art by Rirkrit Tiravanija

Sonny’s Café At the School of the Art Institute, Chicago – Feb 21,2008

Recent Acquisitions: Focus on Chicago

Various Artists – MCA (Chicago) – Winter/Spring 2008

This Land is Your Land

Various Artists – Museum of Contemporary Photography – Spring 2008

Indexical Frontiers

Indexical Frontiers, featuring Adelheid Mers – Inova Gallery – Spring 2008

Portable City, Wind Up, Notations

Anne Wilson – Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago – Spring 2008

Street Art

Various Artists – Tate Modern, London – Summer 2008

Pedagogy of the Hot Tub

Institute for Social Research – San Francisco Bay Area – Fall 2007