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LA><ART is the leading independent nonprofit exhibition space in Los Angeles for the production of experimental exhibitions, public art initiatives and emerging artist publications.

Ox-Bow, School of Art and Artists’ Residency

Our job is to facilitate what people want to make happen in their individual practice and also to see opportunities for collaboration or trying new things.

Locust Projects

Locust Projects is a non-profit alternative art space that specializes in experimental and/or site-specific artwork.

Space 1026

We have a gallery, a print shop, and two floors of studio space. The artists who work here range from painters to video artists, sculptors to musicians. The work that is produced here is incredibly diverse.

Team Lump

We aim to provide a space for thought-provoking exhibitions without compromise to the commercial market.

Dirt Palace (b. 2000)

…Cats, no babies, flagellation, flatulation, fraggleation, actually we are the fraggle nation. Ok, ok, serious now…

Western Exhibitions (b. 2002)

The space was completely raw before we moved in, so we had to create a “gallery” within an industrial space.

AS220 (b. 1985)

There is a very strong sense of a creative community at AS220. We operate under the philosophy is that everyone has the right to creative expression.

The Suburban (b. 1999)

It was a pragmatic decision to interleaf daily life with art. It was a political decision to bring the contemporary avant-garde to the suburbs.

Vonzweck (b. 2005)

“I get friends to do shows in my apartment that I get to live with; I ask people to come give lectures that I’m present for…”