Login to your webmail, note that you can choose from a few different interfaces. You also have the ability to import contacts, this can be a little tricky though. The uControl area has info on setting up email for all your mail programs.


The uControl panel allows you to modify your email account settings including password, MailProtect anti-spam, and auto reply. If you need help using uControl please contact your web site administrator. Info on setting up Mail, Entourage, Outlook, iPhones, etc.

A note about POP3 vs. IMAP:Most of you might be used to using POP3 settings for your email accounts. Just know that Setting all of you Mail programs to use IMAP will help you "syncronize" your email between devices/computers/etc. The idea is that all of your email lives on the server (you may have copies on your computer) and when you reply to an email on your phone your mail program at home will flag the email as replied to as well. When you delete an email at home it will disappear from your phone.