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W.A.G.E. Certification Project Announced

October 10, 2014 by ed
W.A.G.E. is proud to announce the launch of W.A.G.E. Certification, a paradigm-shifting model for the remuneration of artistic labor.
Initiated and operated by W.A.G.E., Certification is a program that publicly recognizes non-profit arts organizations that demonstrate a history of, and commitment to, voluntarily paying artist fees—it is also the first of its kind in the U.S. that establishes a sector-wide minimum standard for compensation, as well as a clear set of guidelines and standards for the conditions under which artistic labor is contracted. W.A.G.E. worked in dialog with artists, arts organizations, writers, sociologists, labor historians, and critical theorists over the past four years to produce a scalable model that can be applied across the non-profit arts economy in all its variation: from small artist-run spaces struggling to support a single employee to large institutions with hundreds of full-time workers and top salaries in the seven figures. We are also proud to announce that, working with W.A.G.E. over the past year as part of a two-year Research Partnership, Artists Space has met the policy’s requirements and paid fees meeting a minimum standard specified by the program’s fee calculator—making it the first organization to be W.A.G.E. Certified. If you know our work, then you know that these are major achievements in the history of W.A.G.E. What you may not know is that for the past six years we have operated on speaking, writing and workshop fees. It's a miracle we've lasted this long. W.A.G.E. can only keep fighting for equitable compensation if we ourselves are compensated. We are asking you, as our constituency and our community, to join W.A.G.E. by directly supporting us: help us raise $75,000 by making a tax-deductible donation to Wages 4 W.A.G.E. Funds will be applied directly to minimal overhead costs, which include paying our dedicated organizers a living wage. We cannot W.A.G.E. RAGE without you! W.A.G.E. Certification's guidelines and fee calculator are at To support Wages 4 W.A.G.E. please go to

‘Spawning Mycellial Networks: using fungi for personal, societal and ecological healing’

September 29, 2014 by ed
'Spawning Mycellial Networks: using fungi for personal, societal and ecological healing'
Tuesday, September 3Oth
7 to 9pm
at CivicLab 114 N. Aberdeen St. in Chicago
sponsored by Bionutrient Food Association~ Chicago Chapter
Join Maya, Peter, and Willoughby from the Radical Mycology Convergance for a 2-hour presentation on the uses of fungi for personal, societal, and ecological healing. Concepts of fungal ecolo-gy and mushroom cultivation are tied with the means for creating resilient lifestyles and communities to present a novel worldview based on the cooperative relationships found throughout the fungal kingdom. This workshop provides a grand overview of the skills and insights behind the Radical Mycology movement, providing a fascinating look into the many ways to that fungi can impact health of the people, societies, and ecosystems of the world.

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South Side Manifesto

September 16, 2014 by ed
Southside Manifesto hit the Sphere this Friday, Sept 19 • 6-10 pm “I probably have half a million social concerns that bother me, an steam me up to no end. were talking a troubled world in need of life support or at least thinkers for positive change, to open up a forum for a better neighborhood, a better world. so I printed up some flyers, passed them out to libraries an meeting places across the city asking artists to participate in a group show of art of social an political concerns an to do so in a visual context. I was interested in getting a pulse from the streets. the show is a grouping of established artists, the young and new, the great and not so great. but all have a message from the personal to the universal to ponder and inspire. I hope the viewer will learn an gain some insight an lead one on a journey for positive change and a better world.” MIKE POCIUS Curator, The Bird House Museum of Bridgeport Featuring work by: Hector Duarte, Gabriel Villa, Michael Thompson, Matt Geer, Tom Palazzolo, Janean Watkins, George Larson, Antonio Martinez, Gram OM, Richard Hernandez, Katherine Perryman, Tom Torluemke, Rahmaan Statik, Linda Platt, John Pittman Weber, Dan Willow, Michael de Luna, Duk Ju Linda Kim, Jeremy Steffen, Marcelo Eli, Dulce Diaz, Ashley Kersey, Ken Hirte, Zore…and many more. Artists on the move…FOR CHANGE.


September 14, 2014 by ed
A City to Wear concerns with the embodiment of place and time in the individual cases. It asks the question of why one would still be painting in Chicago, and why painting now? Those specificities may just be intuitive instinct or merely caused by the practicality of life in the beginning But over the times the fuel of the place and era may still penetrate, leaving the aroma.
The show is curated under the idea of how artist relates to their current location, more specifically how Chicago painters relate to their medium while being in the city of Chicago, which it might be or not be of their city of origin. The show will be held at the Research House for Asian Art, a gallery with the specific interest in its own Asian origin but is a space located in Bridgeport Chicago, where the neighborhood is especially known for its immigration culture of history. 12 local artists (painters) who position their studio in Chicago will present their works that focus on their diverse connections to their particular community, language, culture, history and art.
Dates of Exhibition: September 19th, 2014 – October 13th, 2014
Exhibition Opening: September 19th, 2014, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Address: Research House for Asian Art 3217 S. Morgan Street, Chicago IL 60608
Curated by: Snow Yunxue Fu and Summer Xiao Han

August 22-23 Bridgepork

August 14, 2014 by ed
Bridgepork : August 22-23,2014
Maria’s, which has been in existence for 27 years and has been witness to many changes in Bridgeport, is kicking off our four year anniversary (since our revamping) on Friday, August 22 with Bridgepork, a celebration of great beer, bar b q and music. We will be paying tribute to the vision and perseverance of our own maternal presence, Maria Marszewski, who opened the tavern/package goods store when Bridgeport was closely aligned to the workings of the local Democratic machine and through its many manifestations and its current gentrification that has been dubbed “The Community of the Future”. To give Maria proper tribute for the steadfastness of her vision we will unveil a specially commissioned portrait of her that will then be hung in its place of honor on the walls of her self-named bar.
We will be featuring our current crop of Marz Brewery beers including The Machine (American Pale Ale), The Bubbly Creek and The Bubbly Creek YUZU (both Berliner Weiss) and Smoke Wheat Every Day (a Grätzer) , The Bridgeporter, at $1 off the draft price. We will be also pouring some specialty brews that we’ve been saving deep in our vaults particularly for this occasion including Firestone Walker XVII Anniversary, The Bruery Sucre, Revolution 4th Year Quad, North Coast/Goose Island Class of ’88, Surly Darkness and other rare suds.
You can also pair your beers with some tasty treats from our outdoor Korean Polish BBQ cookout (a Monday evening summer staple) in the back patio featuring free brats, kimchee ( by Ajoohma’s Apron) to spice up the palette and various side dishes to warm your soul and fill your appetite.
At 9 PM until closing we will be featuring the Secret Disco monthly residency helmed by deep diggin’ DJ Joe Bryl which month after month brings to light the varied tones, textures and hidden histories of Disco from its roots in both funk, atmospheric electronics, sweaty soul and minimal micro-beats.////
Saturday, August 23 – 4 PM - 9 PM - Free, No Cover960 W. 31st Street, Chicago, IL. 60608 - 773.890.0588 -’s will be continuing it’s celebration our four year anniversary on Saturday, August 23 with Bridgepork Part Deux a weekend of great beer, food and music. We will transform our outdoor parking lot beginning at 4 PM (and continuing throughout the early evening) into a festive mini-court with a mixture of some of our favorite local bands. Noted Chef Kevin Hickey, previous of the Four Seasons, current Director of Food & Beverage for Rockit Ranch Productions and of the soon to open Duck Inn (2701 S. Eleanor at the fringe of Bridgeport) will be slinging some tasty edible treats. Our own Mikemar will be grilling the traditional Ko Po BBQ(Korean Polish) plus we’ll be offering plenty of craft beers including our recently released Marz brews to wet your palette.The revolving group of the featured electronic bands has been curated by our master mixologist Ken Zawacki, whose own electronic effort in the guise of Dar Embarks will be released soon on the Still Music label. Bands include J+J+J, Chandos, Windbreaker and onyou. Expect plenty of pulsing tech beats, acid jams and tweaked-out minimal excursions. The party will continue inside after 9 PM with the Sonorama DJ crew (Charly Garcia and Eddy Baca) featuring the rhythms of mambo, rumba, cumbia, guaracha, garage, rock and other musical genres of Latin America and the south-of-the border cinematic treasures of Mexican horror films and Lucha Libre wrestling.

Aug 16: Works by Rob Christopher @ C-PS

August 10, 2014 by ed
Works by Rob Christopher @ Co-Prosperity Sphere –
Saturday, August 16 @ 7 PM
3219-21 South Morgan Street - Chicago IL., 60608
Join us for a special evening showcasing new works by carpenter, Rob Christopher of Emotive Reclaim Rob works with reclaimed and found materials. His work can be found on the streets of Bridgeport in the form of  the Bridgeport Streetscaping Society Planters. Rob will be showing furniture and sculptural objects as well as other 2D and 3D work. The groundwork for Emotive Reclaim was laid in Rob early years working construction with his dad building homes, honing his interests and eventually obtaining the skills of a carpenter. Carpentry for Rob is more than an occupation or skill. The experience of spending time and learning from my father outside of the home is time I would not trade for anything. He has taught Rob to find beauty and potential in each piece and species of wood. Rob believes that building materials deserve a second chance- whether it be hung on a wall as art or placed in a home as functional furniture. The reclaimed material will always be at the forefront of each piece of furniture or wall hanging. Through the use of vibrant colors, unexpected lines, mixed materials, and unique characteristics Rob aims to evoke emotion and create a second life for reclaimed materials. For more information on Emotive Reclaim link to: Food will be provided by Chef Chris Reed from The Rice Table. The Rice Table was established in the spring of 2008, however it’s recipes and true beginnings traverse both time and distance. Originating in the western region of Java many centuries ago these family recipes were cultivated and passed down generation to generation. Then, in the early 1950’s with the relocation of many Dutch-Indonesians to the Netherlands these culinary gems found a new home. Although thousands of miles away, these recipes received the same love and attention accustomed in its’ home of Indonesia. After spending years enduring the absence of a true Indonesian food establishment, Jane and (Chef/Owner/Son) Chris Reed felt it time to take the family recipes to the public. So in spring of 2008 The Rice Table catering company was formed. Chicago’s only outlet for authentic Indonesian fare, The Rice Table strives to showcase the cuisines distinctive flavors and cooking styles. Through its’ use of fresh, local ingredients and exotic spices we aim to place Indonesian cuisine among its’ rightful spot as one of the finest in the world. The event will also beverages selected by Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, including experimental brews by Marz Community Brewing Co and other lovely beers.