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Version Fundraiser + Matériel Magazine Release party and more

mat_magazine_cover_lr_01 March 21, 2009, 8pm Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 S Morgan St $10 Suggested Donation. Matériel Magazine and Pr Launch Party and fundraiser for Version Festival

Please come and help us raise funds to pay for Version>09 Immodest Proposals. We will be giving to everyone who attends a complementary copy of our new publishing projects, Matériel and the new Pr poster/newsletter.

pr_001_title_poster_12We will be hosting an evening of performances and displaying pages from Matériel on the gallery walls. Musical performances by Bobby Conn and Julie Pomerleau,  Casual Encounter , Caw! Caw! (not cawcaw) and a few secret super special guest stars.

Matériel is an oversized broadside newsprint publication that’s a collection of the best/brightest designers/ illustrators/photographers work we can find – creating a showcase for their submitted work. It’s a sister magazine to Proximity providing a ‘design’ counterpoint to Prox’s ‘art’ focus. Download a digital copy here.

Pr is Proximty's in-between issues newsletter and art poster featuring articles interviews reviews a calendar and more. The debut issue is beautiful (see post above). Proximity Column End Marker