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Top Ten Links with Christopher Hudgens

Not to be confused with Vanessa, Christopher Hudgens is an advocate for all things art and tech. As the architect of the online presence of "Bad at Sports" Hudgens is a true champion of dialogue and criticism in the Windy City and beyond.  In a previous life he served as Business Operations Manager for Bridge Art Fair where I had the pleasure of working with him on a daily basis. If you need advice on media, websites,  gizmos or tech support he is your go to guy. Hudgens will enjoyably rant endlessly on the future of Art, Tech & Business if you buy him a drink. - Tom Burtonwood
1. Hungary Emergency & Disaster Information Service
"Don't let the title fool you, this is an highly addictive and one of a kind site. Displaying in near real time the latest disaster. emergency or extraordinary events happening around the globe maped with government level status updates and details. Amazing site.
2. Sinfest: the comic strip
"If you haven't been reading Tatsuya Ishida's brilliant strip on Religion, Philosophy, Politics and Ethics through the eyes of it's worst adherents for the last 9 years you have been missing out and it only is getting better."
3. Monoprice
"The one stop shop for electrical wires, accessories and some equipment at non inflated prices. Best site on the net if only to buy quality controlled HDMI cable. Compare $60-$80 at any store or online to $4.74 at monoprice. Cable is only the beginning, been buying from them for years.
4. Bad at Sports
"Art Podcast & Blog/News site that is over 4 years and 200+ episodes strong, based right here in Chicago and read around the globe. Bit nepotistic of me to list here but what everyone does there and has been doing for 4+ years with no support, no funding and just pure drive takes the conventional wisdom of Art & Business and turns it on it's ear.
5. Colorsucker
"Great online tool to take a inspirational design photo or finished artwork and strip out a color scheme from it. Does only one thing but does it well and fast."
"There is and but I always found that The Sixtyone was a little bit more intimate, a bit more of a certain style and surprisingly good. Not for everyone's music taste but my way to find new artists in the wake of radio meltdown."
"The gold standard for Podcast/Netcast creation, promotion, management and execution. Leo Laporte took what he loved and was good at and when the companies he worked for closed their doors he opened his own shop with his own money (not much) and did it right, starting with one show and now at over 16. People like that inside or outside of art amaze and impress me every time."
8. Quantcast
"The best kept secret on the net, now when the Tech mafia kills me you will know why. This is the best publicly available internet traffic and demographic aggregation around right now. Until Google Analytics opens their data to the public this will give you the best idea of who goes where and how popular sites really are in extremely drilled down ways."
9. Zemanta
"So new I haven't implemented it in any of my sites publicly but have been playing with it for a while. Great program that can help take the stress out of blogging and make what used to be fun, enjoyable again."
10. Make Use Of
"If your seriously into Computers at all, this is a great little known site to get great tips, tricks & software in little bite size pieces. Like how to change the Admin password of any Apple OS in less then 10 seconds (google "#sh /etc/rc #passwd" you'll never look at apple security the same way again.)."
With Bonus Links:
In the spirit of my man Mike Benedetto here is a bonus link, or tip. It's not publicly open yet but when it does, or more likely when it becomes open invite like Gmail years ago, you want to hit up your tech friend and get a Google Voice number. It will be the phone number to end all numbers. I have been using it for 3 months or so and can say it's the silent killer app for phones– especially text messaging. Have one number ring every phone you own or just the one you are nearest to now :)
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