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In this episode of Proximity, we continue our mission: revealing art worlds, real and imagined. Today, we present a series of investigations by dreamers currently inhabiting under-represented art metropoles around the world. Places like Hamburg. Jacmel. Los Alamos. [ Read More... ]


Artists Write: Thinking While Making Things

Where are essays by contemporary artists on theory? That is, written pieces beyond the dreaded, largely pedantic and seemingly omnipresent “Artist’s Statements”?

Art That Hurts: The Adventures of A Human Loom

My friend Zoë has a passion for sewing. However, instead of pulling needles through fiber, she directs needles in and out of her private canvas—her skin.


West Coast Tour Diary

Earlier this summer, I went on the first leg of a book tour for my new novel, boring boring boring boring boring boring boring

Chicagoans in Transit: We Came, We Saw, We Interacted, We Collaborated & Contemplated

A wedding party strides through the pedway beneath the Cultural Center to my car, and as chauffeur, I’m kicking myself that I failed to decorate it…


Cities: Marktown

Technically a neighborhood in the city of East Chicago, Marktown lies just over the Illinois/Indiana state border along East 129th street.

Cities: Rotterdam

Over the past twenty years, Rotterdam has emerged as one of the lesser-known cultural capitals of Europe.

Cities: Ruffenhofen

Ruffenhofen is one of those places that, after 1400 years of settlement and development, remains a handful of houses and fields.

Cities: Jacmel

Can you imagine being in a community where being an artist is considered an honest and valued career choice? I am pleased to say I have found that community…

Cities: Hamburg

Some years ago, the city of Hamburg discovered that it could promote itself through its cool subcultural scene, which visual artists are an important part of.

Cities: Helsinki

“I hope the Secret Shop becomes a big secret.”

Cities: Reyjaveik

Outside of the Russian mafia, the Icelandic Artist wields a lot of power here.

Cities: Tokyo

Tokyo & The Presentation of Art in Unusual Places

Cities: Oberhausen

Each year Oberhausen transforms into a gathering place for film and video…

Cities: Milwaukee

Searching for Art in the Land of Curds and Beer.

Taking Back the Plaque: The Art and Tactics of the Pocho Research Society

This essay examines one collective, the Pocho Research Society (PRS) that has done just this by dedicating their practice to altering existing monuments…

Other Options

Other Options attempts to identify artists’ practices, which critique these old paradigms, and the infrastructures that support them, while …


David Horvitz

Among the things Horvitz mails to strangers: photographs of the sky, the sea, himself kissing a moon tree; a rock from the Hudson River

Ben Foch

“I think there is always a gap to be bridged, with integrity on one side and compromise on the other.”


Renzo Martens and the Circus of Suffering

The descriptions are hypnotic in Associated Press correspondent Bryan Mealer’s new book All Things Must Fight To Live: Stories of War and Deliverance in Congo…


Publish and be Damned

We are super happy to have been chosen to exhibit at Publish and be Damned. The event is held in conjunction with the London Art Book Fair and introduces some of the planet’s best independent publications to each other. Our Man in Spain, Jorge Miñano Ramírez, will be holding down our stand for Proximity. “Surveying [...]

A New Review and a New Top Ten

Enjoy a review of the socially responsible Bi-Rite Grocery Store by Stuart Keeler. Makes us want to open one in Chicago. Advanced tech and art knowledge is transferred via Ten Links with Christopher Hudgens.

Photos from last weekend’s openings

Click here for the photos from last weekend’s openings of “control c, control v” at ebers, Rod Hunting at the coop, “Unusual Suspects” at 2612 space, “The Diorama Show” at The Home Gallery, “Matthew Harris: Beyond China”, “Glenn Wexler: Transit 2″ &  “Spellbound” & “Signs of the Apocalypse/Rapture” at the Hyde Park Art Center.

You wanna be an art star

Reblogged everywhere on the artblogosphere Bravo is now casting their reality based show called the Untitled Art Project. They are seeking emerging and mid career artists. Here’s your chance.  Now go to the Bravo casting call site for full details: Casting Calls for The Untitled Art Project are as follows: LOS ANGELES Saturday, July 11 [...]

Portable City, Wind Up, Notations

Anne Wilson – Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago – Spring 2008

Street Art

Various Artists – Tate Modern, London – Summer 2008

Pedagogy of the Hot Tub

Institute for Social Research – San Francisco Bay Area – Fall 2007

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