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We live and work in Chicago, a city with some of the country’s best traditional and non-traditional photography incubators. Some of our schools – like The School of Art Institute, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Columbia College – have especially distinguished instructors and programs. And in the past few years…


Lit Column

In this, our fourth-ever Lit Column, Proximity is pleased to present “How Dark the Corners” – new fiction by Gretchen Kalwinski.

Kansas City, Here I Come

If the Heartland is the giant, general landmass that is the Midwest, KCMO (and KCK) are the spine from which the rest of the nation fans

Making Your Dream Cur-Ridiculum Vitae

As the out-of-work scenario bombards the landscape, the miseries of job hunting, resume writing, and searching for employment threaten to drag even the most cheerful among us down…


Karaoke Marfa

There is little evidence that the land US Route 90 travels though as it arcs from El Paso to Marfa (Population: 2,121) is not the fabled middle of nowhere. That is, almost no evidence.

Dispatch from the Vault

My research into the museum’s permanent collection is largely aimed at providing helpful context for each of the artists and artworks that are represented.

I don’t like Photography

I see fine art photography as hemmed in by three ‘P’s: painting, poverty, and Pentax.

Artist Portfolios

Rod Slemmons

Rod Slemmons is the Executive Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago. He’s had a very distinguished career as a museum professional, teacher, curator, writer, editor and printmaker.

Post Typography

graphic design, lettering, logo, illustration … Vandalism, punk rock, video, sandwich making … Teaching, editing, beard growing, book covers …



LA><ART is the leading independent nonprofit exhibition space in Los Angeles for the production of experimental exhibitions, public art initiatives and emerging artist publications.

Ox-Bow, School of Art and Artists’ Residency

Our job is to facilitate what people want to make happen in their individual practice and also to see opportunities for collaboration or trying new things.


Mud Activisim by TAMMS Year Ten Coalition, Chicago

The stenciled image read “End Torture in Illinois” and featured an outline of the state and the star locating the TAMMS supermax prison…

Drag Me To Hell

I was scared by the movie. I also laughed at some parts of it, just as Slate promised I would. What neither scared me nor pleased me was the gory stuff…

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