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Together: Collective of Collectives

Conditions in our country are more miserable now for artists than they have been in decades. The vast majority of artists are not able to pay for their lives through the creative work that they do.

Artist Write: The Last Shall Be First

Most traditional economic theory is built around the concept of scarcity — the idea that there’s not enough stuff to go around.


CVAE Club Chicago

The Condition of Art Education: Defining the Field and its Distinct Territories. The following material is intended as a starting point for expanding discussions, collaborations, and research for the field of Art Education. Much of this document reviews personal and historical influences whilst restating existing ideas in the disciplinary literature. We have attempted to articulate [...]

On Otherness and the Arts

The visual and material culture of outsiders—bikers, tattooers, carnies, and others—tends to orbit around, participate in, and influence aspects of the fine arts.

Artist Portfolios
(An) Other Art Worlds [Extras]

L.A. // Telefantasy Studios

Telefantasy Studios is the creation of Jennifer Juniper Stratford and Christine Adolph, their union is the direct result of a meeting in an after-school high school video production class in 1990.

L.A. // Letter from Los Angeles

I spent the past summer in Chicago on a Threewalls residency with my collaborator, Jemima Wyman. It was my first real break from Los Angeles in four years.

Rotterdam // Interview with Fucking Good Art

Fucking Good Art started as a newsprint newsletter/arts publication and quickly became a critical voice for Rotterdam’s arts worlds.

Rotterdam // An Introduction

Watching these groups, initiatives and spaces grow in the past decade has been instrumental in our understanding of what other art worlds can look like.

Thailand // Rolling back the ball: generations of art worlds in Northern Thailand

In 2005, Ong—his full name is Pisithpong Siraphisut, but most Thais go by a nickname—had just finished art school at Chiang Mai University. He was living in the city and working dead-end jobs. An opportunity arose to buy some land outside the town of Doi Saket, about 20km to the northeast of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s [...]

Chicago // Expressive Enterprise

They are expressive enterprises as much as they are businesses, and they can have considerable impact on the world around them.

Chicago // Chicago as DIY Counter-Public; Or, I don’t like Capitalism and I don’t think you do either

…too often the imagined and expressed political positioning of this “arts-activist” scene becomes less explicit and watered down in the attempt to encapsulate a complex history of discursive thought and production.


Groups and Spaces Directory

An introduction to groups and spaces in the U.S. and throughout the world.


Yesterday @ The Green Gallery East

Nicely played, however, was the decision to install the jaw dropping behemoth of illusionism in the back gallery.

Actions @ Graham Foundation

… I left “Actions” not bored in the least, despite the compulsive abundance of text, but rather with an uneasy sense that the utopian promise of space and technology has …

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